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TiVentures is a seed investment fund owned by the Fondazione Centenario Banca Stato that invests in early stage companies with innovative
technologies and high growth potential, principally in southern Switzerland. TiVentures has a diversified portfolio of companies and is mainly active
in the life science, medical, high-tech and IT sectors.

About us

TiVentures is managed by hands-on entrepreneurs
with international experience in venture-capital funded companies
in the biomedical and high-tech areas

Lorenzo Leoni
Managing partner

Lorenzo is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several biomedical companies in the US and in Europe. He has deep experience and extensive network in drug development, academic research, venture capital and strategic innovation.

Lorenzo was the founding managing director of the innovation agency of southern Switzerland (Agire) and started Agire Invest (now TiVentures). He holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from University of Lausanne and was Assistant Professor at the department of Medicine of UCSD, San Diego, working in immunology and oncology.

Paolo Orsatti
Managing partner

Paolo has many years of experience in building, advising and investing in growing technology businesses. He loves supporting founders as they build and scale their start ups.
Paolo joined Agire Invest (now TiVentures) as Managing Partner in 2011. Prior to that he founded TChip Semiconductors and NemeriX, both active in the development of integrated circuits for satellite navigation. NemeriX was acquired by Qualcomm Inc. in 2009. Paolo also recently founded Oculox
Technologies, a start-up active in the ophthalmology domain. He holds a Ph.D. Degree in Microelectronics from ETH Zurich.

Martina Cossutti

Martina has a strong financial and management background.
Martina’s unique entrepreneurial attitude and strong communications skills are essential in the operational and strategic activities of TiVenture.
She holds a Master Degree in Management and Finances at Bocconi University (Milan).

The Board of Director adds leadership and expert advice with 360 °
in growing highly successful companies

Renato Boldini

President of the Board of Directors

30+ years of international corporate
banking and M&A

Sergio Magistri

Member of the Board of Directors

Founder and CEO of an exited
unicorn company

Fabio Selmoni

Member of the Board of Directors

Former head of internationalization of one of the most valuable and profitable digital company

Gabriele Zanzi

Member of the Board of Directors

Head Corporate Finance and Retail, BancaStato Ticino

Our Roadmap

TiVenture was born in 2016 from Agire Invest, the “investment arm” of the Fondazione Agire, the Innovation Agency of Ticino Canton that started investing in early innovative companies in 2012. Dr. Lorenzo Leoni was the founding CEO of Agire and Dr. Paolo Orsatti managed its investment activities. During the next 4 years, they invested in more than 15 early-stage companies and expanded the network of private and institutional co-investors that supported the growth of the companies.

Due to the success of these activities and to allow further expansion, in 2016 the Cantonal Bank of Ticino (BancaStato, www.bancastato.ch) created the Fondazione del Centenario and acquired 100% of Afire Invest changing the name into TiVenture. Since 2016 TiVenture operates as an independent early-stage technology investor, investing in Ticino-based companies, and collaborating with Agire, the State Government, the local Universities and contributing to the growth, diversification and innovation of the economy in the Ticino territory.

Today, TiVenture represents a success story: its companies are rapidly growing, with aggregate revenues exceeding CHF 17 Mio and a total number of employees exceeding 160 and demonstrate very well the potential for economic innovation of Ticino.

Agire Invest SA becomes part of Fondazione Centenario BancaStato changing name into TiVenture SA, 15 companies in portfolio
Creation of Business Angels Club (TiVenture Club)

Seed investment in Gain Therapeutics


Succesfull exit from Sailogy


Partial Exit 4BASES

Seed investment in Delvitech SA

Series A round Gain Therapeutics SA


Series A round DAC System


Series A round Xfarm with United Ventures


IBI SA obtains European Approval for SmartBONE


Overall revenues for portfolio companies >CHF10Mio


Total number of employees in companies >100


Succesfull exit from 99 Technologies SA


Series B round Gain Therapeutics US investors


Series A round Delvitech with Helvetica Partners


Series A round Artificialy


Total number of employees in companies >150


Overall revenues for portfolio companies >CHF 17Mio


Seed investment BigOmics Analytics


IPO Gain Therapeutics (GANX) at NASDAQ GLOBAL


Seed round Hoxell, CHF 1.2Mio


Series B round xFarm, CHF17Mio


Seed round Hive Power, CHF550k


Series A round BigOmics, CHF1.9Mio


BancaStato invests additionally CHF5Mio in TiVentures

Why TiVentures?

Experienced and succesful

Hands-on coaching and

World-wide network
of experts

Specialized in early stage

Swiss precision and
latin agility



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    When precision makes a Difference. Swiss Company specialized in the research, development, production and commercialization of clinically validated and certified genetic diagnostic solutions.

    99 Technologies

    99 Technologies engineers and manufactures innovative and highly effective disinfection solutions for hospitals and other areas. Exited.


    Delivering Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence actually delivered.


    Self-Service Bioinformatics. World’s first self-service platform for visual analytics of Big Omics data. Analyze your data 10 times faster, 100 times smarter.


    Excellence in Hospitality. Digital hospitality management platform to visibly improve the day-to-day tasks. Happy Guests – Happy Staff.

    DAC Systems

    Smart Antenna Monitoring Systems. DAC System develop and commercializes innovative monitoring systems for broadcasters to reduce costs and repair time.


    Leaders in Automated Optical Inspections Systems. Delvitech designs, manufactures and delivers intelligent solutions for AOI Automated Optical Inspection for the electronics industry.

    Hive Power

    Energy, made smart


    3D Printing for Glass Microdevices. High-tech company designing and manufacturing 3D Glass Microdevices with high precision and quality.

    Gain Therapeutics

    Unfolding New Therapies for rare and Genetic  and Neurodegenerative Diseases. Biotechnology using powerful and proprietary computational data algorithms to discover and develop small molecules for genetic diseases.


    The Next Frontier of Bone Regeneration. focused on research, development, production and commercialization of medical devices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


    Disrupting the training experience of students and professionals worldwide. Designing life-like simulations empowering crucial behavioral skills and enhancing learning experiences.


    Sailing Holidays Worldwide. Online booking platform for making sailing holidays accessible to everyone. Exited.


    Discover and Book any entertainers. Online booking platform where you can discover and book any kind of entertainers.


    Simple and complete digital platform for digital farming, created by farmers for farmers.